Wednesday, October 20, 2004


Okay so a typhoon hit Okazaki today. No big deal, I woke up early, studied for my test, took a shower and off I went to school. It was raining cats and dogs and elephants. I was soaked from head to toe, my shoes were making strange *squish* sounds. I walk in the strangly bare front door and am greated by the nice secretaries saying "kyo wa yasumi desu" "today there is no school." I stared in bewilderment at them, dripping rain water on the nice marble floors. You mean I walk all the way here, through the cats, dogs, and pachyderms, for nothing...Kiyaaaa! So as I dejectedly looked out at the growing numder of pachyderms falling from the sky, one of the ever energetic secretaries came running up to me "Arisa-san Arisa-san Otegami ga arimasu." Tegami? Letter? I have a letter? Really! Yeah!! Angela sent me a letter!!!!!! Happiness and Joy...but how was I supposed to get the letter home without it getting soaked? I mean my bag was already soaked through and my umbrella was so wet it was leaking. Dejection again. Then yet another energetic secretary appeared, where on earth did she come from, and asked me about a kuruma, a car, um no I don't have a car...she shakes her head and pointed out the door, and over the noise of the trumpeting I managed to figure out that the car would take me to my apartment! Happiness and Joy and More Happiness and More Joy!!! So I made it home and changed clothes and took a nap...It may have only been 9:30 but it had already been a long day!


Anonymous said...

Only you!! What will you do about your exams? Mom

Anonymous said...

Very nice blogging and wonderful pictures! The jinya torture platform brought back wonderful memories, as did the pictures of Takayama Jinya. Did you visit Gifu Castle? I hope so since it is a very pleasent and picturesque trip. Keep writing and please post typhoon pictures. Be careful and study diligently.
Saigo Takamori