Thursday, October 14, 2004

Exciting News!!!!!

Hey Minna-san (Everyone)!!!!!!

Guess what Guess what....Okay you'll never guess so I'll tell you. Exciting weekend coming soon!!! Saturday, Cindy (my roomate), Karen, Stephanie, (friends) and I are going to Nagoya to see the Matsuri (festival, carnival)!!!! It is a Matsuri honoring the three men that unified Japan after the Warring States Period (1183-1603 A time of constant civil war). It is going to be very exciting!!!

Then on Sunday Cindy and I are going to Gifu, a near by city and prefecture, to be tourists. I've never been to Gifu so I am very excited!!! We will be visiting many important sites from the Tokagawa period as well as some districts that have been preserved for hundreds of years. More after my trips!!!!!!

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What no horses??