Wednesday, October 13, 2004

School Start!

Well School has begun, finally. I have come to the conclusion that Yamasa is in Okazaki because there is not much to do so you have to study. It is not like Osaka (the city I lived in last year with my hostfamily) which is very busy and easy to get around. I had to by a bike to be able to go anywhere, luckily you can get them used!

A bike? you say. Yes, a bike. And let me tell you the first few days of bike ownership were quite...interesting. Mind you I haven't been on a bike in at least two years, and of course I live on top of a hill. This makes going to school quite a breeze, but coming back after class is a very different story. *huff puff* But if I didn't have a bike it would take me 25 minutes to get to class and over a half an hour to get to the grocery store.

Speaking of classes, they did start last week (which was supposedly the whole point of this blog). So far so good. First Test A! First Quiz 9/10 (it was a pop quiz)! Hardest part so far is that all the explanations are in Japanese and sometimes it is hard to understand new grammer. Vocabulary is no problem though because of my new nifty Electronic Dictionary. Which has become indisposible. So far I have class from 9-1:30 but I will be adding more classes next week.

The pictures are pretty interesting right? Okay maybe not but I will post more pictures of the town and my school later. Gotta go study!


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